The 4 Event Venues With the Best Sound Systems Ever

Sound systems are essential for any kind of outdoor event. A good sound system can alleviate the quality and improve the interaction between the audience and performers. We have years of experience in organizing parties and events. Below we share some of the most amazing sound systems used by different clubs across America.

#1 Smart bar

This basement bar has arguably the most amazing sound system in Chicago. The spacious dance floor and amazing sound quality mixed with a great DJ combine together to portray the true power and beauty of this sound system.


#2 Belasco Theater

The Theater has a classic structure reminiscent of 1900 era. The sound system in this place has the capability to cover all 40,000 Sq. feet of the venue. If you are planning to move to L.A then this is a must visit place.


#3 Monarch

This amazing multi-level club located in San Francisco has something amazing to offer when it comes to sound system. The modern sound system installed in the venue is capable of making you feel the music in your chest. The strong bass and crystal clear sound make it an amazing place to enjoy some music and dance to its groove.


#4 Q Nightclub

Located in Seattle this is one of the best clubs in America. The main attraction at this place is its amazing sound system that has the ability to serenate the listeners. Sound of a good system lies in its ability to handle loud and soft music at the same time. The system installed in this place is truly unique in that respect.

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3 Most Important and Fun Parts of High School Prom

Prom is an experience that is unforgettable for all teenagers, it is the first opportunity that the teenagers have to interact at such a social scale, take responsibility and make preparation for their days ahead. Below we list some of the ways through which you can organize an amazing prom for your students.


Parades are a big part of any prom, it is an event where the entire town and community participate to complete the achievements of their kids.

A great parade, filled with musicians, entertainers and performers is a great way to show the gratitude of school towards the community for entrusting the education of their children. It is also a great idea to acquire the help of young students to plan and execute the entire parade.



It is a great idea to have a theme for your prom. A themed prom makes it easier for the students to focus on a certain dress code.

The theme also provides a general direction for the event organizers. Who can select the food, décor and entertainers based on the theme.


Entertainers and Musicians

Proms nights tend to drag on for a long time, therefore having a group of entertainers or musicians can add life to the party.

Different activities, sports and games are also a great way for the students to remain focused and enjoy themselves during a prom.


The music used at the prom should be a blend of old nostalgic songs and zingy new music. Such combo is guaranteed to make the attendees take the dance floor.

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4 Places to Rent Inflatables for Your Party

Inflatable castles, cartoon characters and other items are very popular amongst the kids. They provide a perfect attractions for the kid to enjoy and take pictures with. But finding quality inflatable at affordable prices can be extremely hard. Below we share some of the amazing places in Iowa where you can rent inflatables from.

#1 TJ Party Rentals


The Company has been operating in Iowa for over a decade and boasts to have the largest and most affordable collections of inflatable items anywhere in Iowa. All the items are properly pictured and showcased on their website, where you can choose the item you wish to rent for your party or event.

#2 Midwest Inflatables


Looking to spice your child’s birthday party with amazing slides, obstacle course or games then Midwest inflatable is the perfect place for you to land an amazing deal and find what you are looking for. The store has an amazing collection of inflatable items and games that can add a zing to any birthday party or event.

#3 Gee Willie


this is fun little store to meet the all the entertainment needs at your party. The amazing range of inflatable and entertainment items in this store is guaranteed to make your party a hit. Gee Willie also rents inflatable at affordable rates for different events and parties.

#4 Big Ten Rentals


looking for some great bounce houses to keep the kids occupied during a party or an event then Big Rentals is your best option. The store provides a score of different items that you can rent at very affordable prices.

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5 Little Known Facts About Iowa Bounce House Rentals

Any celebration seems to be more enjoyable with the presence of a bounce house. We have all been there. We see a bounce house and our inner child comes out. Children have the most fun with these big bouncy structures during a party. But let’s admit it, no matter what your age is, you will always be tempted to slide, jump and have fun in a bounce house.

Iowa Bounce House Rental

Fun as it is, renting these inflatable structures for your party requires a few considerations. You will certainly have several questions to ask about its size, safety, and where to properly position it so that you can optimize the fun things that it can offer.

Below are some helpful bounce house rental facts that can guide you.

1. The company from which you will be renting the bouncers from should be legitimate and should have the proper Iowa licenses and permits.

As a business, one cannot just rent out their inflatables without the right equipment, permits and licenses. Research and get recommendations from friends and acquaintances about which company to pick for the bounce house that you’re planning to get.

Companies who provide such service need to have the proper license, given that safety is everyone’s major concern even in fun children’s parties. Go for the tried and tested, or are highly recommended by their previous customers.

2. There is going to be a rental agreement and it is important to read and understand it.

Rental companies will explicitly lay out in this agreement what they will cover and what they won’t, especially when it comes to insurance concerns. Make sure that you clarify whatever is in that agreement that you are hesitant about, and only sign it once you understand the terms completely.

3. It is ideal to have different bounce houses for different age groups. Mixing older children with the younger ones can be dangerous.

Whether you’re planning to get one or more bounce houses, the most important thing to keep in mind is to not let the older children play with the younger children. There could be a possibility for injury in this case, given that kids will simply act like kids during playtime, and may no longer notice whether they have already unintentionally hit or kicked another child.

If it is within your budget, you can choose to get a different, probably a smaller bounce house for the toddlers, and a bigger one for the tweens. If this is not possible, you can always opt to have someone supervise the bounce house and let the kids take turns in playing. Most, if not all, bounce house rental companies normally have their staff to help you supervise the kids. This is part of what you’re paying for.

4. Bounce houses should be clean and sanitized.

Remember that your children are going to slide and jump around these inflatables. It is only right that you demand clean ones from the company you will be renting it from.

5. Asking questions is a must before renting the bounce house.

Before signing the agreement, make sure to ask them about the size of the bounce house, how many kids it can accommodate, and how much room you need for the bouncers. You also need to know about the right surfaces and spaces that you can set up the bounce house in. Choose a bounce house rental company that can help and guide you in these things.

So long as you have already laid the groundwork, then you’re ready to make your children’s party a fun and memorable one. You just have to prepare your kids with refreshments, since they will surely be thirsty after sliding, and jumping up and down these wonderful party add-ons.


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